The new Israel Cash Rebate System is a program designed to support the production of feature films, feature documentaries, animation films and post-production of all the above, offering a highly attractive cash rebate of
up to 25% on eligible production costs – Up to 0.5 Million EURO per production (!)

Eligible Projects

• Eligible Projects
• Feature films 
• Feature animation 
• feature documentaries
• Short animation
• Feature documentaries
• Post-production of all of the above

International production companies may apply via an Israeli producer. The application will be submitted by a person whose field is the production of audiovisual works and whose company is registered in Israel.

There are no application deadlines, producers can apply at any time during the year. The term for the processing applications is 
up to 30 days.

Contact your local Israel trade office or leave your details here

When can you expect payment?

The report on costs is audited within 30 days? of the submission by the applicant of the documents. 
The payment is made within ? days of the date of approval of the report.
A certain percentage of the rebate will be paid during filming in Israel against invoices upon obtaining the approval of the professional advisor on behalf of the Ministry and / or the Ministry of Culture and Sport.

The remainder of funds will be given after submission of a final performance report and will include a final budget for the production of the film, including the scope of the production budget abroad and the scope of the production budget in the State of Israel.

Please note:
Animation productions can apply once a year for payment along with the annual report.

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